Viking Dress (part 4)

Now that the green apron dress is done (well, except for decoration, but for now I’ll accept “wearable”), let’s focus on the other two pieces. We left them both mostly complete. Let’s revisit the brown underdress now that we’ve got the sleeves stitched together, the gussets in place, and the side panels done:


The kitty spent tons of time in this stage skulking around the dressform and hiding under the dress itself…

The panels themselves aren’t the most impressive, but I’ve literally cobbled together all of the scraps I could in order to give as much volume as possible to the sides. Also there’s only about two inches between the bottom of the gussets and the top of the side panels. Waste not, want not!


And hey, look at what my roommate finished!! I’ll tell you what, I may be constructing this dress, but this single pieces definitely proves how much more patience she has than I do. Not only that, but it’s her first embroidery piece!! Jealous yet? Because goodness knows I sure am 😀


So we’ll also be honest right here, I only have one book on embroidery in the house, and it’s this one (click on it for the amazon page):


And …. tbh this was the book she referenced for her stitches… but hey, wherever we can learn, amirite?


Let’s see. Brown dress wearable, green dress wearable, tea towel wearable … what’s the next most important detail?


Seriously, I’ve been dying to start the bead strands since we bought them.  I broke out the silk thread, a beading needle, and my small jewelry kit.


I tied each end to a jump ring and then threaded the rest back in through the beads to hide the ends. We don’t yet have a spacer, so I wanted to be able to just attach the strands to whatever we end up buying. Which so far I’m hoping will end up like this to match the design on the tea towel piece!

Here’s the first one pinned in to place.


As for the brooches, we’re using earrings I got for 99 cents. We’re going to epoxy brooch backs to them so that we can attach wherever we want. Best part about them being earrings? They already have holes punched in them! Granted, I didn’t initially think to use those to attach the bead spacer to (still might not if it doesn’t look right), but hey it’s an option 😀


Or, you know, the beads can just be attached under the brooches. We’ll see once we get all the pieces together and done.


Now, obviously we have detail work to do and decorations and all those fun little touching finishes, but aside from making a few more bead strands (and epoxying the brooches to their backings) – I’m calling this “wearable”!

Why is that an important stage? Because I still have a whole ‘nother outfit to make for my husband and a set of stays to make for myself before the renn fest on October 2nd.

Above you can see one of the bajillion lengths of trim we’re playing with. I like a white braid better than this I think, but we’ll see. We also have to cover the “curtain” stitching visible in that picture along the top of the brown tea towel piece. And I’d like to do something with the arm straps, the top band along the green apron dress, something to cover the hem stitching on that same green dress … and whatever other Viking tidbits we decide upon.

I’ve always said that they key to good garb is just a s&#! ton of details. But everyone having something to wear is also the responsibility of the household seamstress! Here’s a link to the concept post I did for my husband’s outfit, and I’ll keep you guys up to date on how both of these progress! 😀


Because The Witcher is freaking awesome and I need to learn how to weather stuff… 

But here’s one last picture of the Viking dress in all it’s glory so far! 😀


– Jediravenclaw




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