Viking Dress (Part 3 – Finishing Green Apron Dress)

Where did we leave off? Ah yes. Making loops.


Loops and loops and loops and oh hey, more loops!! In the end, we get the above. But trust me, this will be very very worth it. Let’s also remember the sketch of the whole green dress:



The top front should be reinforced and smooth, the sides will be gathered so as to evoke “smocking” … which trust me, I am not of a skill or disposition to accomplish.

Once more we break out the interfacing


Measure how wide you need it (I went armpit to armpit), and mark the overdress with this length. I marked also the very back with half this width. The rest was deemed “sides” and was marked to be gathered.


The “side” casing was just big enough to contain my wide (and very modern, shhhh!!) elastic. cut


The elastic is sewn in to the dress at the interfaced front lining, and in the back panel.


Hang on the dress form ….


And gather! Make sure it’s snug enough to keep shape on the person, but not snug enough to cut off circulation or anything. Gotta be comfortable!


Pin in place. I ran my seam along where the green pin is, then cut the elastic off there. The edge will be covered by the back panel.

In order to make the gathers even and stable, I stretched it back out after encasing the elastic and ran the longest stitches my machine can make through it – twice.

I’ve also cut the back panel down to size and placed it alongside it’s slot.


ALWAYS IRON BETWEEN STEPS. Srsly. Iron that shizzznet. Only then can you pin and stitch in place.


And now you may step back and admire your handiwork! Though admittedly, it looks a bit out of place right now.  We’ll fix that in a moment. …


Because for now we need to attach the sleeves! Measure 5 times, pin, measure again, THEN stitch. Then measure just to make sure you got it right 😛


Making sure that one side is just as perfectly long as the other:


We decided to bring the straps closer in the back than in the front. It’s stable and flattering.


And the dog approves. Which in the end is really all that matters …


Now, to make those gathers look “in” place, and to tame the “potato sack” silhouette!


Now I’ll tell you right now – this step took awhile to just get the placement right. We had to decide how much we wanted to bring in, where it was going to be brought in, and what the final silhouette would be. Finally, we were able to settle on a placement. And look how lovely this is now that there is *something* breaking up the line between “gathered” and “non gathered”:


The cat decided it was her turn to help as well…


One all is attached and stitched up, we put both dresses on the dress form and laced her up! What a beautiful form-fitted apron dress 😀


Add the belt….


Awww yeaahhhhhh… We’re getting there.


Getting there slowly, but surely!



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