Introducing: Lady Campbell


Hi everyone! I’m Lady Campbell aka Jediravenclaw (depending on whether I’m working on something a bit more historical or a bit more geeky at the time). Or depending on what venue I’m showing at because let’s face it – the two categories usually coincide for me.

Take for example my above “correctly silhouetted” Sofia Sartor cosplay / renaissance gown. From me, you can expect posts about historical accuracy in movies, tv series, and (especially) video games. IRL I’m a video game graphic artist and level designer, so I may talk about costume design for games from time to time as well. 2/3rds of my household is going Witcher themed for Halloween this year as well, so hopefully you won’t get tired of that genre before October! I know I’ll need plenty of outlets in venting over all of the hand stitching work I’m expecting to do for my husband’s Regis cosplay.

Oh! And I’m a heraldry geek. I really love heraldry you guys. For realzies. I wrote my undergrad thesis on the topic and never slowed down….

As a “get to know me”, here are links to my personal sewing blog and deviantart! But be sure this will be my primary mode of posting from now on 🙂

-Lady Campbell





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